It’s widely used especially in the field of electronic industry. It’s also used as the front panel of machines or an introductory etiquette. It’s a fairly resistant etiquetteto the external factors on the grounds that thepressure is implemented onto the wrong side of the transparent material. Multicolour press can be applied.

Lexsan etiquette is PVC (polyvinyl chloride) binding. Because the printing is in between the material and the adhesive substance, it is never wiped out through any cleansing, rubbing or surfacing, and is thus long-lived. It’s generally used in the field of electronic sector, on machines and ovens, and it is resistant to heat.

Lexsan etiquette is not a sticker itself. Therefore, the back side is veneered with adhesive material after the printing. This adhesive is very strong. It’s heat and water-proof, and resistant to any climatic conditions..