Özmen Serigrafi

ÖZMEN SERIGRAPHY; The company started its activities in 1999 and is an international company focused on customer satisfaction. Özmen Serigrafi has proved its leadership in the Aegean region with its 15 years of experience, professional staff and in-house technological machinery and has been continuing its efforts with the pride of this situation.

Metal Labels – originally named for our main product being printed aluminium. We are a long established screen printing business, always striving to keep ahead of the evolving sign and label industry in Turkey. We manufacture using multiple material types, Aluminium, Plastic, PVC, Vinyl, and Polycarbone. We produce the highest quality products for our customers.


  • Metal Label
  • Panel Label
  • Lexan Label
  • Stickers
  • Alüminium Label
  • Rezistans Label
  • Seri No Label
  • Panel Label
  • Caution Etiketi
  • Machine Label
  • Pump– Motor – Redüktör Label
  • Elevator Label
  • Laser Marking Label
  • Name Plate
  • Micron Label
  • and much more..

Quality Certificates

Our Mission

High quality service to work in accordance with national and international standards by doing work in our country and thus, metal label, marking and advertising industry to bring momentum and innovation. Özmen is committed to providing customers with economic, quality, result-oriented and innovative solutions in the field of serigraphy labeling.

Our Vision

In these days when we are on the eve of a new era, we are researching and working to reduce the burden of the employer with the engineering techniques brought by the latest national and international technological developments in the areas such as labeling, sensitivity to the environment, safety and ease of use in marking, and to offer our customers 100% quality products.